Our prices vary according to the type and quality of the source text to be translated, transcribed or interpreted. 


We calculate our rates according to the volume of the translation or the duration of the interpreting,

to the degree of difficulty or technicality and to the time at our disposal to deliver the service you required.


Texts with a high number of repetitions are usually subject to discounts as well as big projects or long interpreting or mediation sessions.


Prices are quoted per standard line, e.g. 55 characters including spaces (source text: German)  or per word 

(source text: Italian, Portuguese, English). 

Difficult or technical texts as well as short term assignments can be subject to an increase from 10% to 30% of the standard price.  

Our minumum charge is €15,00.

Intercultural mediation

We establish our prices individually. Usally we charge our interpreting and mediation service per hour. 

Our minimum charge is €40/hour.


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