We offer translating and mediation services in the following language combinations: 


from German, English, Portuguese into Italian

from German, English, Italian into Portuguese


Thanks to the collaboration with other professionals, we also offer translating and mediation services in other languages. Click here to check the availability.

Intercultural mediation

We mediate between your and your partner in Italy, Brazil and Germany


We offer


 liaison interpreting for b2b business meetings, foreign client visits, interview, contract negotiations, fairs


 phone interpreting for small business meetings or appointments


 counseling in the creation of new business partnerships and in the search of working experiences in Italy, Brazil and Germany



We interpret in the following language combinations:


Italian> Portuguese








We translate different kinds of written contents and in various fields in Italian and Portuguese


We translate


- contracts

- manuals and catalogs

- correspondence

- web sites

- offers

- company presentations

- advertising leaflets

- subtitles



We proofread your written contents in Italian and Portuguese according to your needs (grammar, spelling, style, terminology)



We transcribe multimedia contents in Italian, Portuguese and German



Click here if your document is not in the list

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Are you a professional in the field of sustainability? Or are you a professional translator?


Do you want to work with me as a proofreader for Italian, Portuguese, English or German content and improve the quality of our translations?


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