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My name is Angela Antonicelli.

I am an Italian translator and I translate from German, English and Portuguese.

But there’s more.

With my work as translator I want to contribute to making our world a better place.

Find out how.


Translation, localization, transcreation from English into Italian, from German into Italian and from Portuguese into Italian.


I proofread and edit different types of texts in Italian. Don’t you know the difference between proofreading and editing?


Audio-visual translations, Italian language lessons and interpreting. Find out how I can support your sustainable project. 

Italian translator and proofreader

Angela Antonicelli

I have a Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages for International Communication and I have been working as a translator since 2008. I translate from German, English and Portuguese into Italian, my mother tongue. I translate because I love to, with passion, and with the ambition to make our world a better place.

I focus my translations and intercultural mediation services in the area of sustainability on the large and small scale. 

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Contact me for a free, non-binding quote. I look forward to finding out about your project, exploring new cognitive and terminological horizons, and working with you on your project with all the passion, professionalism, and precision I have.