I focus my translations and intercultural mediation services in the area of sustainability on the large and small scale.

These are my areas of specialization:

Environmental: sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, ecology, energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, urban planning, recycling, green technologies, transport and infrastructure.

Human rights: accessibility, international cooperation, education (right to health, right to study, etc.), social inclusion, gender equality and more.

Lifestyle: natural cosmetics, sustainable fashion, slow fashion, sustainable tourism and more.

Health and well-being: nutrition, food education, sport, psychology, general medicine, mindfulness and more.

Information and communication technology: e-commerce, e-learning, online marketing, digital culture and more.

Even if it doesn’t, contact me anyway and together we’ll evaluate how I can help you. Investigating and learning about new topics is a part of my daily routine. I also  continuously exchange ideas and opinions about the concepts I’m translating with other professionals and proof-readers.

Why the name “SUSTAINABLE WOR(L)DS”?
Because I decided to make my passions my job and my job my passion.

When I was just starting out, I took part  in a training course for young businesswomen in Berlin. Here, I was given an A4 sheet of paper with a single sentence printed in bold:

Dream big enough. By the time your dreams reach the earth, they will have shrunk by themselves.

I dream big. Ambitiously and in line with my daily efforts, with my values and passions, as a translator, I want to help making the planet we live on a better place and improve the life of its inhabitants.