What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading a text means eliminating grammatical and spelling errors (typing errors, punctuation, syllabication, etc.).

Editing a text is a more complex process which, in addition to the correction of grammatical and spelling errors, also involves an overall quality of the text, depending on the purpose for which it was created.

In your request, please, indicate which type of service you need and, if possible, send the text to me in Word format if you wish to have a better overview of the changes. If you send me a pdf text, you’ll see my changes as a comment. 

If the text to be proofread/edited is a translation from German, English or Portuguese, it would be advisable to also send me the original text (if available). 

Proofreading or editing translated texts takes more time than proofreading or editing non-translated ones. This also means a difference in price.

I proofread and edit different types of texts in Italian, including:

web sites
letters of presentation
curriculum vitae
brochures and catalogues
instruction manuals
articles for printed and online magazines (blog)

and more!

Please note

I only proofread and edit texts in Italian and not in German, English or Portuguese. I can however help you to find a professional who translates from Italian to other languages

If you would like a free and non-binding quote, please provide the following information:

language combination

the service you need

rough number of words (if possible send me the text so that I can see it personally)

field or sector (for example, technical, medical, etc.)

and delivery date

I will answer you as soon as possible.